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Secret Edinburgh | stadsgids
Uitgavedatum 2024



2024 | Jonglez | 9782361956547
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Let Secret Edinburgh guide you around the unusual and unfamiliar.

Step off the beaten track with this fascinating Edinburgh guide book. Featuring over 20 new locations, our local expert, Hannah Robinson, will show you the well-hidden treasures and hidden places of this amazing city. Featuring over 160 unusual and unfamiliar places, this Secret Edinburgh guide is ideal for local inhabitants, curious visitors and armchair travellers alike. Descend into a Cold War bunker, piece together guerrilla mosaics, unearth the most glorious of grottoes, genuflect before the wooden robot overlord, sniff out dogs more dazzling than Greyfriars Bobby, peruse a 17th-century list of ladies of pleasure, get water-boarded in a prototype Jacuzzi, travel to the Wild West of Morningside, discover hidden gardens and clandestine art that not even the neighbours know about. Far from the tourist traps and the crowded landmarks, you may have thought Edinburgh had no more to reveal, but the city still keeps many treasures hidden away in the most unexpected of places.

An indispensable street and armchair guide for those who thought they knew Edinburgh well or who would like to explore the curiosities of this most secretive of cities.

"If you think you know Edinburgh, this book will prove you wrong. A delight on every page" Val McDermid

"Most visitors only scratch the surface of the cities they visit. Most residents accidentally take for granted the places they live. This book delves deep into Edinburgh's rich history and the stories its special places tell, nudging its reader to find delight in the esoteric details, and to go and explore our wonderful and beautiful city with fresh eyes, a spring in the step and song in the soul." Adam Wilkinson, Director of Edinburgh World Heritage