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Crossbill Guide Finnish Lapland | natuurreisgids

natuurreisgids Fins Lapland (Engelstalig)


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Crossbill Guide Finnish Lapland | natuurreisgids
UitgavedatumApril 2017





and Kuusamo Area

April 2017 | Crossbill Guides | Nature Guides | 9789491648120 | and Kuusamo Area
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This nature guide is part of a new series of innovative guides for nature enthusiasts. The Crossbill Guides combine interesting and insightful stories with up to date and practical tourist information and observation tips. Detailed descriptions of hiking trails and car routes are conveniently linked to information on everything you want to know about the whats, wheres and whys. *** Lapland is Finland’s northernmost province and lies almost entirely above the Arctic Circle. Large parts of the province are wilderness. Most of the land, particularly in the north, is in a pristine state. A visit to Finnish Lapland is an experience that is hard to capture in words. The land is vast and roads are few. The National Park of Lemmenjoki is, together with adjacent reserves in North Norway, the largest area in Europe without roads or drivable tracks. Deep in this wilderness, enigmatic animals, such as Brown Bear, Wolverine, Wolf, Lynx and Elk, lurk.