The Via Egnatia Hiking Trail


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2014 | Via Egnatia Foundation | 9789082197303 | van Durrës (Albanië) tot Thessaloniki (Gr.) 475km | Marietta van Attekum, Holger de Bruin
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Deel 1 van de Via Egnatia, de oude Romeinse route naar Byzantium (Constantinopel / Istanbul). (Het tweede, laatste deel moet nog verschijnen.) | Through mountains and valleys, along riverbeds, past lakes and seaside, villages and cities, the ancient Via Egnatia route goes 1000 km eastward to Istanbul. Parts of the old road have survived and are still there to enjoy for the observant hiker. Making use of the former Roman stations, this is a journey into history that will change your views on Europe. Via Egnatia stands for the cultural connection between East and West. Walking here offers a special insight into the amalgam of cultures that have become the Balkans. The first part of the Via Egnatia Hiking Trail is now ready. It is 475 km long, starting from Durrës on the Adriatic coast through Albania, Macedonia and Greece and ending at Thessaloniki. It is a completely new trail for the walker who is looking for untrodden paths. The trail suits the backpacker with sleeping bag and tent as well as the walker who prefers to spend the nights in proper beds. Explore unknown regions of Albania, Macedonia and Northern Greece as well as famous highlights like Ohrid, ancient Pella and Thessaloniki. Enjoy the hospitality and traditional fresh food in the rural villages. Saunter through narrow streets, bazaars and markets in old cities. This 256 page guide book contains a step by step description of the route (475km), 30 detailed topographic maps, 7 city maps with city walks and GPS coordinates and a lot of pictures.Ample attention is given to history, backgrounds, practical information and useful hints.A table of commonly used words in Albanian, Macedonian and Greek is included. ISBN 9789082197303