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reisgids Solar Eclipses 2024-2027


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reisgids Solar Eclipses 2024-2027
Uitgavedatum 2023



2023 | Bradt | 9781804690857
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Seeing a total solar eclipse ('totality' - when the sun is fully obscured by the moon) is a bucket-list event, generating a sense of wonder and even an 'end-of-the-world' sensation. New from Bradt, Solar Eclipses 2024-2027 is the only guide to cover the world's next three total solar eclipses, arguably nature's most incredible spectacle. Written by an eclipse expert, this guide offers potential eclipse-tourists and eclipse-chasers alike everything they need to understand, prepare for and travel to each eclipse.

Each eclipse will be remarkable in its own right. The 2024 totality will be visible in 15 US states, six Canadian provinces and parts of Mexico. The events offer US residents a second bite at the cherry, after many people regretted not travelling a short distance into the 2017 eclipse zone. The 2026 event is Europe's first totality since 1999 and will be visible in Greenland, Iceland and Spain. The 2027 eclipse (visible from Spain, Gibraltar, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Somalia) will be the longest until 2168...