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Dive sites of South Africa & Mozambique

introducing the first comprehensive dive guide to South Africa & Mozambique


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Dive sites of South Africa & Mozambique
Uitgavedatum 2017




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2017 | Map Studio | 9781770268722 | [tlm-mz, tlm-za]
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Dive Sites of South Africa & Mozambique is a visual showcase featuring over 300 stunning colour photographs. It functions both as a reference guide and a perfect keepsake of all your dive experiences in the region that will look great on your coffee table.Dive with sharks, squid and sardines, explore cold-water kelp forests, pristine tropical reefs and poignant shipwrecks. This guide covers 180 of the best dive sites supported by 50 pages of detailed topside and underwater maps. Snappy descriptions of the sites will prepare you for what to expect and what to look out for, and they are crammed with accurate dive information (site depths, the level of dive qualification required, area specifics and recommended gear) along with important contact information to help you arrange the logistics.Also featured are great snorkelling spots, shark cage diving, ocean safaris and diving in South Africa’s aquariums, along with a handy marine species identification guide.This book is a must-have for any diving enthusiast, whether novice, experienced or aspiring, local or visiting.