Birmingham Hidden Walks

Discover 20 Routes in and Around the City


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Birmingham Hidden Walks
Uitgavedatum 2022



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2022 | HarperCollins | 9780008496302
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Discover hidden gems around Birmingham with 20 walking routes. Featuring 20 walks in and around the city, including lesser-known circuits and details on popular walks. Accompanied by guided walking instructions and written by local experts, A-Z Birmingham Hidden Walks is the perfect way to explore the city in a new light.

Small enough to fit in a bag or pocket, this handy guidebook is ideal for tourists or locals looking to discover more about the city. Each route varies in length from 1 to 6 miles, and is clearly outlined on detailed A-Z street mapping.

* 20 walking routes with instructions and maps

* Full-colour photographs of hidden gems and city attractions

* Key sights and locations clearly marked on map

* Information such as start/finish points, nearest postcodes, distance and terrain included