Balaitous, Vignemale | kaart & gids 1:25.000


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Balaitous, Vignemale | kaart & gids 1:25.000
Uitgavedatum 2016



2016 | SUA | 9788482165974
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This new series of Pyrenean Cards 1/25 000 AUS edizioak provides a qualitative leap in terms of mapping and many innovative features.The new techniques used by the cartographer and writer Miguel Angulo mountain give a new look, lighter and even more precise, particularly with a much greater appreciation of the relief and ease to distinguish the points of interest through well icons visible on the map.The texts and descriptions of fellow Gorka Lopez, responding to a recent comprehensive field work for each of the routes.This title includes many known peaks every mountain and sometimes neophytes. Balaïtous, Vignemale Grand Fache, Peaks of Hell, the peaks and Arriel Palas, to name a few, are also known as the villages and valleys, such as Sallent de Gallego, Cauterets and Formigal. ..The map is accompanied by a booklet of 48 pages in French that provides an introduction to the geography of the area, a appercu of GR and PR on the card and the description of 15 itineraries designed by Gorka Lopez.