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World map / Wereld 1:40.000.000 | plano, met latjes

wandkaart 100 x 70cm op waterafstotend materiaal


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World map / Wereld 1:40.000.000 | plano, met latjes
Uitgavedatum 2016



2016 | Freytag & Berndt | 9783707916164
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Waterproof and tear-resistant political wall map of the world from Freytag & Berndt, size 100x70cm (39.5"x27.5cm) with metal hanging strips, which can be annotated with suitable write-on/wipe-off marker pens. Countries are in warm, earthy colours enhanced by physical shading to show mountain ranges, with oceans indicating the relief of the sea floor through different shades of light blue.Printed on thick synthetic paper, the map is in an international edition with all place names in their English versions. On land the shading indicates physical geography with names of main mountain ranges, deserts and peaks. In the oceans the variation in colouring vividly presents the sea floor with names of ridges, plateaux, basins, etc. Latitude and longitude lines are drawn at 10º intervals. Map legend is in English