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Upper Mustang | trekking map / overzichtskaart 1:100.000

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Upper Mustang | trekking map / overzichtskaart 1:100.000
Uitgavedatum 2017




2017 | Nepa Maps | Wandelkaarten Nepal | 9789937649193
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Upper Mustang area at 1:100,000 in the Nepa Maps series which provides extensive coverage of trekking areas of Nepal on detailed contoured maps with trekking routes and hiking trails, huts and camp sites, local places of interest and other tourist information.

This map covers the upper Mustang area at a 1:100,000 scale, offering trekking routes in the northern part of the Annapurna Conservation Area, from Jomosom and Muktinath to Lo-Manthang, and further north to the Kora La pass on the Tibetan border. Also shown are several spurs eastwards, including the Mustag - Phu trek and the Damodar Kunda trek. Additional information includes a plan of the Walled City of Lo-Manthang, a profile of the route, plus tables showing the route in stages with altitudes in metres and feet and trekking times. Contours are at 40m intervals.

PLEASE NOTE: map 'Upper and Lower Mustang' (at 1:90,000 scale) offers almost the same coverage, extending marginally further south and east.

About the Nepa Maps / Himalayan MapHouse 500 Series Trekking Maps

The overprint highlights main trekking routes and numerous local trails, with symbols indicating various places of interest and tourist facilities. Most maps are indexed (places, base camps, peaks, lakes and passes) and include additional information such as route profiles, glossaries, etc.

Titles in this series have cartography is based on the country's topographic survey, with contours usually at 40m or 50m intervals, enhanced by relief shading, colouring and graphics to show various features of the terrain, including glaciers, forested or cultivated areas, etc. Numerous peaks, with additional spot heights, plus names of glaciers and mountain ranges are prominently shown. The network of rivers, streams and lakes is shown in detail, with many smaller rivers and lakes named.

All the information is in English and heights are given in metres.