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Three Gorges of the Yangtze River


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2007 | Odyssey | 9789622177741 | Chongqing to Wuhan
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The 3,965 mile long (6,380 kilometre long) Yangtze river, which flows from the barren snowfields of Tibet to the fertile delta near Shanghai, has been a main trade artery for 2,000 years. The most spectacular section of the remarkable Yangtze river is the famous Three Gorges, which extends downstream for a distance of 120 miles (192 kilometres) through the Wushan Mountains from Baidicheng to the Nanjin Pass near Yichang. Surrounded by towering peaks and enclosed by precipitous cliffs, each gorge has its own distinctive and dramatic scenery. In addition to describing the landscape, economy and social history of the river between Chongqing and Wuhan, this richly illustrated guide also contains practical information for the traveler including informative maps, descriptions of the main sites, accommodation and tips on cruising China's legendary gorges.