Only in Prague


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2014 | The Urban Explorer | 9783950366242
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Guide to Unique Locations, Hidden Corners, Unusual Objects. | Discover Europe with the 'Only In' Guides! These ground breaking city guides are for independent cultural travellers wishing to escape the crowds and understand cities from different and unusual perspectives. Unique locations, hidden corners and unusual objects.A comprehensive illustrated guide to more than 80 fascinating and unusual historical sites in one of Europe's most beautiful capital cities including, Hidden cellars, secret gardens, wild valleys, and forgotten cemeteries. From prehistoric man and the Premyslids to the Communist era and the Velvet Revolution this guide covers an incredible array of sites including, The Faust House, the Hunger Wall, the British sewers, The Alchemists' tower, The Prague Bambino, a one-armed photographer, the headless knight, and John Lennon's Wall.The 'Urban Explorer' Duncan J. D. Smith is a travel writer and photographer. In his ground breaking 'Only In' Guides he reveals European cities from unique and hidden perspectives. He has travelled across several continents and described his experiences in books, magazines, and online. Born in Sheffield, England in 1960, he studied history and archaeology at university. He is a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society.