GT-Outdoor Map Itä-Suomi (Oost-Finland) 1:250.000


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GT-Outdoor Map Itä-Suomi (Oost-Finland) 1:250.000
Uitgavedatum 2014




2014 | Genimap Oy | Outdoor Maps | 9789522662064
Extra titelinformatie

Gedetailleerde overzichtskaart/wegenkaart van oostelijk Finland. Met o.m. Engelstalige outdoor-informatie. Wandel, fiets- en kanoroutes. Symbolen voor hutten, campings, bezienswaardigheden, etc.

This Outdoor GT series has a lot of information for travelers during every season. This cycling map - road map of eastern Finland focuses on cycling, paddling, hiking and snowmobile rides, so it's a handy outdoor map in both summer and winter. For cyclists, the map has cycling routes with information on whether they are paved or unpaved. Paddlers will find information about kayak and canoe routes, dangerous rapids and portage paths.

To help walkers plan their journey, the map shows in detail the various marked trails and wilderness huts in the area. An Outdoor GT map is based on a route map with wetlands and contour lines (at 20 metre intervals) added and with a lot of travel information. The map also shows the areas covered by the detailed outdoor maps published by Karttakeskus to help travellers find a more accurate map of their destination. On the side of the map you will find information on national cycling routes, instructions for carrying bicycles in public transport, kayak and canoe routes, hiking trails and snowmobile routes.