Britain from the Rails

A Window Gazer’s Guide


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2014 | Bradt | 9781841629193 | Benedict Le Vay
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Including the nation's best kept secret railways. | There's a magical romance about train travel that no other form of transport can capture. Unlike other rail-based guides, this is not a backpacker's manual on how to travel cheaply and quickly and what to do once you get there. Instead, this is a leisurely sojourn around the country, an indulgent, care-free and relaxing journey which notices – and explains – what other guides don't. What to see from the train,historical anecdotes about the development of the railways, explanations of how the rail system works, railway traditions, branch line explorations, descriptions of the most scenic routes and a whole lot more are covered in a style which makes for a perfect armchair read, whether from home or on the rails.