Bedouin + Nomads


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Februari 2007 | Thames & Hudson | 9780500543344
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The deserts of Arabia stretch from Jordan to Yemen: Wadi Rum, the Nefud, Ad-Dahna and Rub al Khali – known as the Empty Quarter – which borders Yemen and extends to the Sultanate of Oman. Many of these areas remain an enigma, with mankind having encroached only on the edges of their extreme environments. But even these peripheral zones contain some spectacular sights: dunes and plains, rocky peaks chiselled by erosion, and rare and unusual flora and fauna.At the heart of this immense region, we follow the incense route and discover the Bedouins, a nomadic people with ancient traditions. Étienne Dehau's wonderful photographs illustrate the culture of these Arabs – a word that originally meant ‘people of the desert’ – as they move from camp to camp within a land that is both hostile and overwhelming.